Tom Peters

Tom Peters has long been my favourite management guru.

He has been opening up on painful and sad issues such as the death of his mother, for which he is in my prayers.

Anyway key in his post Black Dogs, Loved ones, Etc. was this

recently published a book called This I Believe. There are 60 items/key
beliefs. The last was but one word … grace. I said (believe!) that
enterprises, even while competing vigorously, can be Places of Grace.
Energetic? You bet. Hustling? You bet. And also places of Great
Character & Integrity & Caring. (How do you Care for your
Clients if you don’t Care for one another? Duh!)

Note that word grace which is so central to Christianity and which is not given enough prominance by the Church. It is sad that Tom Peters gets for business what so much of the Church does not for life.

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