Tying up a long weekend

Back home after a great, long weekend away. It was not the weekend originally planned (so what else is new) but made a big change from "normal".

As usual the boys adjusted the plans a few times.

At the heart of the weekend was a wedding. Jen, who started as a Methodist Minister in Kettering at the same time as I did in Raunds (and therefore went through probationer and under 5 meetings with me) married Keith on Saturday in Ealing where she moved in August. 

IMAG0008 Here is the Ealing Green URC / Methodist Church where Jen is now and where the service was held. As you can see Saturday was beautiful. Also very quiet for Ealing and there are no vapour trails in the sky.

There were plenty of jokes about the liturgy as both Jen and Keith (now an Anglican priest, before that a URC minister, …) are hot liturgists and getting the liturgy right was by far the most complicated element in planning the wedding. We also had some great hymns with a visiting Organist from Cambridge (where Keith was before his move to London).

IMAG0013 Here you can see a terrible picture (sorry about that) of the happy couple as we moved to the church halls for drinks and food (plenty of lovely food thanks to the congregation).

We had a lovely afternoon and then a great evening at Cafe Chai with old and new friends.

There were so many clergy at the wedding that some could not resist the temptation to reflect on the liturgy and how they would do things differently themselves. We remember not spending a whole lot of time planning our service or wedding day (Jane was busy doing her degree finals anyway), our focus was rather on what came after – which we feel 22 years have shown to be a good priority.

Jane and I stayed at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel at Ealing Common, very convenient but absolutely nothing special for the price (was all the black painted wood for their teenage guests?). 

Our youngest had stayed with his Aunt in Watford while the older two stayed at home to study and fend for themselves. We have mixed feelings about well they manage to do that. "We had to buy Fish and Chips because the pans needed washing up and we could not wait for the dishwasher" and when we asked why they didn't wash them by hand they said "we never thought of that". We did also wonder what was wrong with all the other pans. On Saturday the milkman came (usually in the early hours of the morning), but they did not notice until the evening and so left it out in the sun all day – duh.

Htc-desire One of the nice additions to the weekend (at least for me) was my new phone, an HTC Desire which arrived on Thursday afternoon. So I have had some fun playing with it during the weekend. So far loving it but managing to run the battery down very quickly. As well as everything else it can even make phone calls – amazing :-)

For me the integration with Google Calendar, Contacts and Mail are key features that mean I will need to carry a laptop around much less often.

Jane seemed to feel some of the applications were not very helpful. I was using Google maps with the GPS location and walking directions, so I could tell her that we were walking on a bridge over the tube line. She was not impressed and said she had already noticed – just no pleasing some people :-)

It was good to be able to spend a couple of days and nights with just the two of us and even get two lie in's in a weekend – unheard of.

One thought on “Tying up a long weekend

  1. Rachel

    Glad you had a great weekend. Last clerical wedding I went to there were 22 “vicars” in the house – sounds like Jen’s might have beaten that!
    I too worry about the competency of our boys in simple household tasks (much hand-wringing and “where did we go wrong”). However Neil and I did return from a meeting in Birmingham a month or two back – phoned ahead where our youngest said he’d had a house party and spilled beer on the carpet (at 13!) – but instead returned to find that three of them had spent the afternoon making a Victoria sponge cake. They’d even looked up the recipe for buttercream on the internet! So, as long as they don’t mind living on a diet of fish & chips and sponge cake (beans on toast seems a step too far) then they’ll be OK.


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