Wacky Warehouse

I took our youngest (5 1/2 years old) to a friends birthday party at the Wacky Warehouse in Horley this afternoon. I went on the XXL towing him on the Trets. Nice ride together with him non stop talking at the back ;-)

Pity about the 2 places where the cycle path is completely blocked. First at the underpass into Manor Royal industrial estate. Ironically they have completely blocked the cycle route because they seem to be building a short bit of cycle path to take you around the bollards that you normally go between – strange. Then at Gatwick where you go under South Terminal they have a set of big generators on trailers that are fenced in right accross the entrance to the cycle path to take you on towards Horley.

Anyway it was approx 5.5 miles each way so 22 miles in total for me. As normal he went to sleep on the way home – hard work these parties when you are 5 ;-) He said it was like entering a new world with Pirates!

The good news that since changing to these Schwalbe Amaduro Stelvios on the front I have not yet had a front puncture (nor a rear one but I have generally had far fewer of those) that’s in about 50 miles so not very conclusive yet but a good start.

I have got organised to have lights on the Trets now. A short length of broom handle held on with 2 cable ties plus one through a drilled hole (to stop rotation) goes across the back horizontally withy 2 cateye LED’s. As the cable ties are fastened to the bolts holding the top of the seatbelt it is at quite a good height.

As normal he went to sleep on the way home – hard work these parties when you are 5 ;-) He said it was like entering a new world with Pirates!

14 thoughts on “Wacky Warehouse

  1. kiah

    i was wondering if there was a wacky warehouse for the older generation?
    its my sisters birthday and she heard there was one in wolverhampton or
    kidderminster if there is she would like to go. it would be much
    appreciated if you could inform me of this and give me an idea of the
    yours sincerly
    jekiah johns

  2. DaveW

    Sorry Jekiah, I have not seen one of these soft play/climbing places for adults or indeed for the 10 or so plus age group. The nearest thing are the laser shooting games – we did that for our oldest sons birthday (I came last – lack of ability to work out what I was supposed to be doing was a key reason).
    Despite being born in Wolverhampton, I don’t know my way around there much these days so don’t have any suggestions.

  3. Megan

    For my friends birthday we dont know what to do and we heard that there is an adult wacky warehouse were only 14 but we arent allowed in the childrens ones. we live in birmingham and have searched the internet. help

  4. Dave Warnock

    Sorry I don’t know about any places that would suit you.
    Could you hire equipment such as a bouncy castle for adults? Otherwise I guess the nearest similar thing is a fun fair or theme park.

  5. amy

    hi, for ,my friends birthday she said we were going to an adult wacky warehouse but didnt no the whereabouts!!! We are 13 and enjoyed the kids one so much. my sis said there was one in wolverhampton but where please help.

  6. cassandra

    Hey,i am really really want to find if there are any adult type wacky warehouse kinda places bout?its my 20th in january,n i rly wana get back to my kid roots!!lol.i think an adult wacky warehouse would be an amazin concept so surely theres one somewhere?anyone know?

  7. kazzie

    hey, everyone seems confuzed to if thers an adult wacky warehouse, THER DEFO IS, its in wolverhampton n im goin 4 my 21st x x x

  8. loopy_lou

    I have been looking on the wacky warehouse website and they only advertise a coffee area for adults.
    Could anyone please tell me for sure if an adults one exists??
    If yes can anyone give me web address or contsct detals??
    Ta xXx

  9. Telford

    http://www.gokidzgo.com is the Wolverhampton Adult Wacky Warehouse unfortunately its for upto 25 people at a time in a block booking and for parties…
    You cant just turn up and have a go… whihc is gutting as I hoped to go this weekend for a bit of a laugh

  10. Charlotte

    could you tell me where in wolverhampton is the adult wacky ware house is please


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