What are supermarkets doing about climate change? « MAKE WEALTH HISTORY

Noticed: What are supermarkets doing about climate change?  Interested as we called in at the Dartmouth Sainsbury’s today (see 42: Hilly Devon). That supermarket had many green features. From memory:

  • 2 wind turbines. Powered all the tills. Significant reduction in energy from the grid.
  • Rainwater harvesting: reduced water consumption by 60%
  • Sustainable timber structure, used 420 trees, they had replanted 420 in the original forest plus 420 locally (car park sign posts also from sustainable timber).
  • Lighting included a lot of natural light with automatic dimmers on electric lights
  • re-using heat from the fridges to heat the building
  • several other things I can ‘t remember at the moment.

Still a long way to go to be considered really green. But what was interesting was that all these green features have actually created a much nicer building to shop in. The atmosphere was much nicer to breathe, the lighting much more pleasant and the look much better (lots of timber structure visible).

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