Whitechapel again

We are off to the Whitechapel mission again in the morning. Last year I managed a blog entry before leaving: 42: Just got up and it is 3:25 am. No promises that I’ll manage the same again this year.

Like last year there are 9 of us going from Raunds, more than half have not been before. This year I had to turn another 5 or so down so I’ll try and sort out an extra date in the spring with Tony.

Just about managed to squeeze all the stuff people have collected into the 2 cars leaving enough space (ish) for the passengers.

A quick check on google reveals that I have mentioned Whitechapel quite a few times. Good thing too as it is such a critically important work. Notice that Whitechapel is still the only homeless centre open right through Christmas and the New Year (as well as the rest of the year).

Last year we drove through lots of snow and a blizzard. This year looks like being the year of Fog. If you are awake between 3:30am and 5:45am GMT why not pray for safe travel for us. Thanks!

PS: I suspect that actions like this are part of what I refer to in this discussion.

One thought on “Whitechapel again

  1. 42

    Counted out and back again

    Just back from cooking breakfast at The Whitechapel Mission (see 42: Whitechapel again) counted 9 out from Raunds at 3:30am and 9 back to Raunds at 2pm. We cooked something like 190 sausages, I lost count of everything else. So


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