Why so silent?

You may have been wondering (or more likely not ;-) why I have been silent for so long. Well …

It is in some ways a long story, in other ways a simple one.
Christmas was very hectic, I spent 10 days helping at the Whitechapel Mission which was again a time of learning about myself and the world. It was also tiring as you start at 5:30am and finish at around noon, then most days I drove home or to my Mother-in-laws for an afternoon with the family before driving back to sleep the night in one of the flats at the mission.
The family stayed over with me twice for 2 nghts each time. First for the 23rd and Christmas Eve which was very nice. We all pretended the vacuum cleaner was a Christmas Tree (well it was silver and had presents around it). Then again for the 30th and 31st.
Since then I have been somewhat out of action with a cold, in particular a bad cough which has relegated me to the sofa several nights in order to allow the rest of the family some sleep.

Anyway, now well into a new year. Lots of other stuff happened and happening which I will get around to writing up.

2 thoughts on “Why so silent?

  1. DaveW

    John, is patience considered a virtue in the US? It is here ;-)
    Some stuff needs some stuff processing before I can post. For other stuff I have just been too busy.
    Stuff will come.


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