Wot’s on

A very messy week is what's on.

The combination of losing a day for a Bank Holiday and having the kids on half-term while trying to work means that it is going to be rather a frantic week.

Lots of tricky balancing to happen. For example the balance between seeing family coming to stay with Mum as a respite for us when they also want us to spend time with them.

Sadly it is a bad few weeks for a number of people in Churches I serve so a fair amount of hospice, hospital and home visiting (why do so many of the places we visit begin with H?). One of the worst things about scheduling is that you never manage to get anywhere near the bottom of the list of visits you would like to do, so you are always in danger of feeling a sense of failure.

We have some good news in Raunds that we have a volunteer to become our treasurer after a gap. That means sometime this week supporting people sorting out the finances for them as well as for the ongoing work replacing the kitchen (new floor, new drains and first fix electrics done so far).

Anyway also some good stuff coming up.

On Friday we are doing some family visiting and then ending up at Whitechapel Mission for the night so that as a family we can prepare breakfast for people who are homeless on Saturday morning. It is four and a half years since our younger two sons went there so it is going to be interesting to see how they respond now. They are all looking forward to it as we had several good Christmases there when I was doing my training.

Sunday is of course one of the best days of the year. I love celebrating Pentecost and will be doing so this year at Wollaston and Irchester. Sunday also marks the beginning of the next 24×7 prayer week at Raunds – always a highlight for me.

Coming up the following Sunday is a big preacher swap between the Nene Valley Circuit, Northampton Circuit and Kettering & Corby Circuit. I am off to Rothwell for the moning and in the afternoon we are all gathering for Alison Adam (known for her work with the Iona Community) to lead us in workshops on singing with congregations before a tea and then she is leading worship called 'praying with song'.

Anyway this afternoon I will be trying to re-discover my desk and maybe some floor in my office as well as preparing for a Bible study on the Holy Spirit for tonight.

At some point this week we will probably need to collect our Caravan which is being serviced, that was complicated by some missing "keys" to locking wheelnuts. Fortunatelty I was able to fix that on Saturday by using a file and a bit of brute force, left me unimpressed by the security they offer.

I figure the caravan might also be a bit complicated in coming weeks. The circuit is getting our drive replaced (it has some bad trip hazards caused by roots and other bits that have sunk a long way). Knowing our luck the drive will be up just when I need to get the caravan out for me to go to Wolverhampton for the Methodist Conference.

3 thoughts on “Wot’s on

  1. Sally

    Have a great week Dave, glad the driveway is being fixed…
    I am rediscovering my desk after a week or so of maddness. MA complete, no more Cambridge etc wierd…
    Hope you manage to get the caravan sorted.

  2. Olive Morgan

    Some of that sounded like I was the one doing the writing – a messy week, reclaiming your desk and some of the floor – but you have a great deal more to add, so I hope it all works out well for you. Maybe we can meet at Conference? For much of the time there I shall be running the MET stand in the Exhibition area. I’ve found a B & B 5 minutes walk away – next to a Night Club! – so I hope it’s not going to be too noisy!


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