Methodist Bloggers Meeting set – January 4th&5th 2008

We now have a fixed date and a provisional retreat centre booking for the 1st UK Methodist Bloggers Conference.

Put 4th and 5th January 2008 in your diaries.

Location: Community for Reconciliation, Barnes Close

 This is a very simple location for people driving as it is approx 2 miles from M5 junction 4. The instructions for trains and
buses also look simple.

Price should be £60 per person. That includes accommodation, meals (Friday lunch & dinner, Saturday breakfast), wifi Internet access and the conference itself.


Friday 4th January

Noon: Welcome & Worship followed by Lunch

Afternoon sessions

Evening worship followed by Dinner

Evening session followed by Night Prayer

Saturday 5th January

Morning Prayer followed by Breakfast

Morning Session

Holy Communion, finishing by noon.


  • The conference centre is no longer available for our alternative date of 11/12th, hence the decision to go for the earlier dates.
  • The programme is not going to be all technical but relationship building and reflections on how we can work and relate to each other will be key elements. We are looking for Session Leaders and specific topics (as well as some chill time).
  • There will be some opportunities for specific technical advice and help but these may be done in smaller groups.
  • Volunteers to lead the various times of worship are welcomed so that we can represent some of the variety within Methodism. However, I would like us to consider some consistency/progression in scripture/theme so provide a coherent conference.

Questions/Bookings etc all welcome by email or comments below.

4 thoughts on “Methodist Bloggers Meeting set – January 4th&5th 2008

  1. PamBG

    That’s my preferred date and a very easy location for me, so I’ll be there.
    Happy to lead a session. Not sure how we achieve ‘progression’, so am happy to hold open the topic of the session. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, but I’ll try my best.

  2. Methodist Preacher

    Thanks for setting this up. I certainly hope to join the meeting on the Saturday. Much will depend on my work commitments. I may be working in London that week so my availability on the Friday isn’t yet clear.

  3. Sally

    I will be thinking of you al as you meet, while I shiver at London Colney- this is a study weekend and I stand little to no chance of skiving!
    Well done for setting it up Dave!


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