UK Methodist Bloggers Meeting: Programme

We have a mix of fixed and flexible programme so that we can be sure that we get the most from our time together. Within that the two key fixed elements are:

Friday Afternoon: Relating to the Connexion.

This session is led locally by Dave Webster from the Web team at Church House with Toby Scott contributing by remote conferencing. Within the overall subject the topics include:

  • Connecting the expectations of bloggers and the Communications team.
  • How
    we can support each other.
  • How bloggers are perceived by the press.

Saturday Morning: Coping with attacks on your blog

Led by our very own Turbulent Cleric who sadly has extensive recent experience to draw on. Feedback from a number of participants has indicated that this is a common problem for many bloggers.

5 thoughts on “UK Methodist Bloggers Meeting: Programme

  1. Olive Morgan

    The Friday afternoon session sounds very good and I look forward to it. I am much less interested in the Saturday morning session, since I haven’t encountered such hassle, though I know that some have.
    I was MUCH more interested in the suggested ‘Relating blogging to mission/Our Calling.’
    Earlier, you wrote, ‘I would like us to consider some consistency/progression in Scripture/theme to provide a coherent conference.’ Has such a theme evolved yet? This is important if you are still wanting me to lead a worship slot?

  2. Olive Morgan

    I had not seen your two earlier posts about the Bloggers’ meeting when I wrote the above. I now see that you have me down for the evening worship on Friday – though it’s not clear if you mean before dinner or the Night Prayer!
    Your programme doesn’t mention the Friday evening session, so I eagerly await information on that.

  3. Dave Warnock

    Sorry had a 3 hour powercut just as I was getting through everything.
    Yes I have the before dinner prayer/worship slot down for you.
    I can now confirm that we are having a session “Relating blogging to mission/Our Calling.” which John is going to lead. I want to see how the timing goes on Friday because I think it is too important to do when everyone is asleep.
    That is why I am calling it a flexible session.
    There are 1 or 2 other flexible sessions which we can decide whether we want to have or if we would prefer more time to go into the ones we already have.

  4. Olive Morgan

    Super! I look forward to that. Hope you can get rid of that cough.
    I must check the trains tomorrow to se if they’ve finished work on the lines. If not, I’ll have to leave an hour earlier.


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