A beautiful man

I want to write about a beautiful man whose loving Christian love touched me again in a powerful way.

Steve Wild is well known to the Methodist Conference, currently Chair of the Cornwall District he had conference cheering his description of Cornish Fresh Expressions of Methodist Heritage – which as usual for Steve included tales of sharing the gospel.

Anyway we passed in the entrance area after lunch and he said "Brother, can we meet at tea time so you can tell me about what is happening, I want to know because I keep praying for you". You may recall that I first met Steve two years ago when he was one of the leaders of the pre-ordination retreat (see 42: A major claim to fame and 42: The very best).

Remember, that I am a nobody at this Methodist Conference with no official status while Steve as a District Chair is hugely busy.

So we met up and then paused while Steve congratulated and thankedsomeone with a very different theological view to his own on something they had done during the closed session (no idea what it was).

Today being official Methodists go to Cafe Nero day we went and found a quiet corner. There Steve quizzed me on what is happening, was generous and loving with both the god and the bad. We had to rush off but paused outside the Civic Hall for prayer.

What a lovely reminder of the Christian support of those who led me through discernment, training, probation, ordination and my current ministry.

Another great reminder of why I continue to be delighted to be a Methodist Minister! Especially as Steve is not alone in his prayer support or encouragement just louder than most :-) I have lost count of the number of busy people this week who have taken time to approach me and offer me encouragement and prayer support.

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