An historical moment in Methodism

A wonderful moment for the Methodist Church. The For the first time ever the Methodist Conference has elected both a woman as President Designate (Rev Alison Tomlin) and a woman as Vice President (Deacon Eunice Attwood). While we have had women serve in both roles before we have never before had both at the same time.


Many thanks to Anna in the media team for correcting me. This is not actually the first time that we have had women in both President and Vice President. The other time was apparently in 2001. As those who have tried to teach me in the past will testify history is not my best subject.


But far more important than there gender is that conference has elected two outstanding people of God, two people who I am sure have been called by God to lead us Spiritually.

I don't know Deacon Eunice, although I was impressed by her speech earlier in the week.

However, I do know Alison Tomlin, she has been the Chair of District for the Northampton District (well it was Oxford and Leicester District when I started) during my whole ministry and for many years before that.

I have found Alison to be a wonderful District Chair. Her Spirituality lifts the whole district, she inspires through example and through her outstanding pastoral care of all people. This year she led our District Retreat and I found it very helpful.

Don't just take this post as a sales pitch, just search 42 for Tomlin and see what I have written before.

This is wonderful news that demonstrates how God has not finished with us but is bringing new life and hope to the Methodist Church in Great Britain. Whooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “An historical moment in Methodism

  1. Dave Faulkner

    I used to know Eunice and her husband John back in the mid-late 80s through mutual friends. If she’s still the same now as then, she’ll make a lively and vigorous contribution to Methodism over her year of office. Good news.

  2. anon

    Sorry, Dave, but you may want to cast your mind back to 2001 when Christina Le Moignan and Ann Leck were President and Vice-President together. They were (and still are) women.

  3. Dave

    Anon, Thanks my memory let me down. Crazy as I know Ann well. Anyway the post has been updated after Anna corrected me during the coffee break.
    Still think it is wonderful news and I suspect our district meal will be a rather good celebration tonight!!


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