BNP members banned from joining Methodist Church

Ekklesia have quickly picked up the historic decision by the Methodist Church

that being a member of an organisation which promotes racism is not consistent with being a Methodist.

See BNP members banned from joining Methodist Church

The actual notice of motion got amended from the copy that is online at present, so I can’t share it yet. My understanding is that we will be working out the legal details for changing standing orders prior to the next conference. The gist is that we both restrict membership and at the same time you can’t be a member of the Methodist Church if you are a member of a racist political party.

However, we also celebrate that the love of God offers hope of redemption for all. All are welcome in our worship where we can all hear the gospel, be transformed by the Holy Spirit and be reconciled with our loving God through the atoning death of Jesus on the cross. Those are my words but I believe they express the final resolution that we have passed.

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