Time to Reflect Retreat

Here is the route I rode to get here yesterday. Just over 80 miles which meant starting at 4:45am, still that meant a nice 2nd breakfast in Cambridge. Only unpleasant bit of road was the A1307 south from Cambridge.

Raunds to Pleshey at EveryTrail

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As I wrote in a comment on Re-vis.e Re-form: This released something in me…..

By the way I am on a retreat for Methodist Ministers
who are coming towards the end of their first appointment to prepare us
for all the procedures of ether extension or stationing.

leaders of the retreat are all women. 2 lay and 1 ordained (there was
supposed to be a 4th leader who is a man but a family issues stopped
him coming at the last minute). They are all highly qualified and this
is a great gift from the Church.

Also on the retreat, which is
for five districts there are 8 women ministers and 6 men (it was
compulsory so not that the men chose not to come).

More signs of hope in the Methodist Church.

Now off to prepare for group work this afternoon, a great hardship to go out into the beautiful gardens to sit in the sun and reflect <grin>

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