5 things I, me, myself,, love about Methodism – part 3

A continuation from 42: 5 things I, me, myself,, love about Methodism – part 1 and 42: 5 things I, me, myself,, love about Methodism – part 2.

Item 1 was "Meeting the Living God" and item 2 "Theology"

So we move onto item 3:

3. Commitment to Equality and Diversity (or Inclusion)

I guess nobody who reads 42 will be surprised by this.  There are probably some who think I do nothing but pick arguments with them on this issue :-)

My inclusion (sorry very weak pun) of this here in no way means that I think that Methodism has this licked. You can see how we are currently working on this at The Methodist Church of Great Britain | The Equalities & Diversity Project, we are still lacking good policies, procedures and monitoring (and that is not good enough, we should be doing better). My grateful thanks to those in our Church who are working on improving our position. Plus my sincere thanks and respect to other churches that have led the way and who are still ahead of us.

Anyway, I believe that this is an area that reflects the heart of Methodists today and I love the outcomes when we do well at this.

I have had such a great time learning, growing, sharing, worshipping, eating (etc etc etc) with so many diverse people that I am continually amazed that people choose the poverty that comes with no diversity and no equality. Given that God, in his wisdom, did not make everyone else like me it is utterly incomprehensible to me that others think that it could be God's will to not welcome with open arms the full range of human diversity created by God. I want to be clear that IMHO any claims to welcome diversity that do not recognise, celebrate and support equality are bogus.

Here I want to celebrate that Methodism does not support inequality on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexuality etc etc. That makes the 3rd thing I love about Methodism.

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