A Word in Time

In October I was published on the Methodist Church website, providing a week of Bible Studies for the daily Bible Study "A Word in Time". I wrote about it in 42: Starting too soon! and the first day of studies was Sunday 26th October 2008.

I am now approaching the deadline for another week of Bible Studies. They will appear starting Sunday 16th August. The passages I am writing on are on a theme of "The Lord’s Anointed":

  • Sunday Aug 16th: John 6.51-58
  • Monday Aug 17th: Judges 2.11-19
  • Thursday Aug 18th: Judges 6.11-24
  • Wednesday Aug 19th: Judges 9.6-15
  • Thursday Aug 20th: Judges 11.29-40
  • Friday 21st: Ruth 1.1-22
  • Saturday 22nd: Ruth 2.1-11;4.13-17

So here is your opportunity to contribute. Are there any things in particular that I should cover, any particular insights in these texts or ways that you feel these passages challenge us today.

I will write a post on here nearer the time to credit those who contribute (no space on the "A Word in Time" pages, but I can probably cheat and add a link to the credits using a comment).

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