Building Christians

It seems that (at last) building Christians towards maturity is becoming a focus across many parts of the Christian Church.

I have been reading a great deal around the subject area and plan to do more.

Meanwhile I am also not waiting for perfection in structures, church, people or anything but attempting to get on with it. After all this is an area which does not require a mega church with huge buildings or programs. In fact the research seems to be demonstrating that those things may actually be bad for growth in depth. I think we can see that across the spectrum of mega churches.

For example Willow Creek has recently had research that shows they have failed to get deep Christian discipleship. As I look at slick videos on the internet of mega churches all over the place I wonder how anything where the focus is on wonderful inspiring but totally passive worship experiences (sitting there 1 among 1,000′s) is going to give you the tools to get going yourself.

Of course it is not just mega Churches that fail, we can provide passive worship in almost any size of Church. Passive does not have to mean quiet and traditional, much contemporary evangelical worship is very passive. People listen to musical performances, they listen to preaching.

So I have been trying to discover how to go missional as Church. To build churches with members who are having their discipleship strengthened and deepened.

I want to spend time and space here considering how we do this today. What is God calling his Church to be?

More later.

2 thoughts on “Building Christians

  1. Sally

    good thinking Dave- I believe that going or becomming missional involves taking risks, stepping beyond our comfort zone to seek God and reach others.
    For each place the mission is unique, my prayers are with you.

  2. 42

    Building Christians: 1

    Following on from the general introdiction in 42: Building Christians. How do we move to being Missional as Church? How do we build deeper discipleship? What is God calling his Church to be in the 21st Century? There are different


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