Church of England saves Methodist Covenant Service

Yesterday the annual Covenant Service at Raunds Methodist Church was saved by St Peter's Church of England. Seriously, my voice was really giving up with this cold and interrupted by coughing so we only got through the service because Shena (Rector at St Peter's) was leading the service and presiding at Communion. I only had to preach and my voice just about held out for that although I had to get Phil to turn up the volume on the mic far more than normal.

It was great that so many commented afterwards on how good it was to worship together and just how many had come despite the weather.

The service was followed by our monthly lunch at Church, Roast Beef this time. It was a few minutes late for which the preacher got the blame :-)

I confess to being very relieved at not having an evening service so I went to bed. Feeling much better today, enough so I awoke early to listen to the start of Chris Evan's breakfast show on Radio 2. Next stop is to find lots of extra warm clothes for a staff meeting at the circuit office (hopefully followed by coffee in the snug at Beans to thaw out).

3 thoughts on “Church of England saves Methodist Covenant Service

  1. Olive Morgan

    Hope you will continue to feel better. Yes, It was good to have a joint Covenant Service with the Anglicans. I envy yuo that!
    Our Covenant Service was postponed until 31st January because only a handful were expected to be able to get there because of the weather. In the event there were 60 people there for an ordinary service and a number of those were folk who were unable to get to their own churches in town.
    The friends who would normally have taken me were reluctant to take the responsibility in these conditions, in case they might have to walk back – which I couldn’t have done.

  2. Dave

    We have got off much more lightly than anyone else when it comes to weather.
    I have had to “encourage” some people to ride from cars in wheelchairs and we also collected more people from home. Still attendance was down a bit.

  3. Olive Morgan

    The other Methodist Church in Caversham had to cancel both services last Sunday. We still had a lot of snow during the week and I was still not able to venture out. However, rain yesterday has cleared most of the snow away and life can return to normal. So I am off to church this morning and the Covenant Service arranged for this evening for those who attend our evening service. Then we hope to be back to normal for our Church Council on Tuesday.
    I hope you are better now.


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