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I am going to write separately about what is happening in the Churches as it is really exciting and there is a lot to say.

So here I am writing about some of the reasons why I find Raunds Methodist Church exciting.

WOT (Worship on Thursday)

We are now starting our 4th year of WOT and the numbers continue to grow. We now have 40 on the list with around 30 each week with ages from pre-school to mid 80's.

We meet every week during school terms opening from just after 3pm until 6pm (we just about manage to get cleared up before the Scouts arrive for 7pm). If you can't get to WOT on time then no problem you can join us at any point in the afternoon.

Our programme is unashamedly Christian. Every week we have a theme from the Bible, all the games and crafts (for all ages) relate to that theme and we worship together before we eat a proper hot meal.

As WOT is so popular we can only properly care for a limited number of unaccompanied children, if you come without an adult it is on a first come, first served basis with the total depending on the number of trained and CRB checked adults available.

WOT has become a caring and supportive community, something that has been wonderful to see.

There is no charge for WOT. It is supported entirely through the generosity of Church members.


We confess that we love food. So we are delighted that we have now opened our fully refurbished kitchen (all stainless steel with all the gadgets like dishwasher). Already it is used to cook for 30 each week at WOT and over 50 for Sunday lunch (2nd Sunday of the month at 12:30pm).

Sunday Worship

We love worshipping together, we often lose track of time – don't expect us to watch the clock and finish in an hour. We have a worship band who play regularly and love contemporary worship, but we also have more traditional (but still very informal and welcoming worship) on other weeks. Our focus is on God's grace (celebrating that all are loved and welcomed by God) and on the call to follow Jesus (working out together what that means today).


Raunds Methodist Church has a very active life as we explore and live out the love of God for all. Lots of food, small groups, prayer, study & service.

Excitement for Dave

It is not just what is happening but the way it happens, the attitudes and especially the presence and power of the living God that makes it so exciting to serve this Church. God is at work and we love it!!

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