First pass Dates for UK Methodist Bloggers Mtg

Following 42: UK Methodist Bloggers Meeting there does appear to be interest in a meeting in early 2008. Location somewhere near M5/M42. Timing: a Friday & Saturday to attempt to make it possible for people whether they work during the week or weekend with minimal time off – plus it will leave some Methodists in Churches elsewhere in the UK.

Step one.

Which dates can you manage? Please respond in comments.

  1. January 2008: 4th & 5th
  2. January 2008: 11th & 12th
  3. January 2008:  18th & 19th
  4. January 2008: 25th & 26th
  5. February 2008: 1st & 2nd

All we need is something like

DaveW: I can do date choices 1,2,3,4,5

Step two will follow (sorry to be so boring).

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