Fresh Expressions take over bid?

We are moving towards a time when the Fresh Expression, WOT (Worship On Thursdays), at Raunds Methodist Church will have more worshippers than the Sunday Service.

Both are growing but the rate of growth for WOT is much greater. Zero to 33 people (this week, a record) in less than 9 months.

This week we tackled Nehemiah, as usual the whole programme is focused on scripture and includes:

  • worship (singing, prayer, teaching)
  • crafts
  • games
  • a meal (stew with dumplings & mash followed by real bread and butter pudding or yoghurt)

Despite the record numbers we were actually lower than normal in support from members of the original Sunday congregation (8 including 3 kids).

We are still trying to cover a wide range of scripture for people who have never used a Bible and helping them connect it together. For example we are building a really simple timeline that shows how all the different stories, characters, events we have covered relate to each other. We also use a world map a lot. We do try to relate themes to the Christian calendar but most importantly to Jesus.

Today I picked 3 themes from Nehemiah:

  • Safety (God wanted his people to be safe which is why the wall was rebuilt)
  • Celebrate (God wanted his people to celebrate his word)
  • Share (God wanted people to share with others so all could celebrate)

Some of the things we did were

  • a wall (tower) building competition (wooden blocks, duplo and lego)
  • made trumpets
  • created a prayer wall
  • played a game with trying to kick a ball past a human wall
  • sang "Blessed be the name of the Lord"
  • talked and prayed

Next Thursday being Ascension day I guess the theme is obvious.

3 thoughts on “Fresh Expressions take over bid?

  1. sally

    excellent news- go for it WOT! Tim has just posted on Fresh Expressions in relation to Our Calling, I wonder if this is exactly what he is talking about?


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