Further Training of Ministers

There have been a couple of blog posts in the Methodist world about the importance of continued academic training of our Ministers. It started with Angie in The Kneeler: Qualified to Minister? and The Kneeler: Education and Ministry – Wesley’s lists! Richard then continued with it in Ministerial formation | connexions.

As someone with only a Diploma in Theology (and whose attempt to complete the degree during probationer training was thwarted by family problems particularly Mother-in-law heart attack and double bypass operation) I fully support the need for academically qualified ministers who are spirit filled and can make connections between these things and everyday life with people in and outside the Church.

I take seriously the need to continue to learn and would relish the opportunity to continue to study and that despite finding academic essay writing a horrific process (love the learning, hate the fully referenced writing, love putting it into practice in community).

So anyway with all that in mind I have enrolled on a new course of study. It may not be quite what Angie had in mind :-) Still in January my education continues with a 10 week course through Tresham College at one of their Corby centres to gain a Welding C&G Level 1 Certificate.

Well that is assuming they offer me an interview and accept me.

Suggestions about how to use this in ministry are welcome!

6 thoughts on “Further Training of Ministers

  1. Erika Baker

    Welding different church factions or warring parishioners together seems an admirable skill to have.
    Good luck! And enjoy!

  2. Dave

    That CDIM money gets sucked up faster than a speeding circuit steward, so no this is personal.
    I’ll take a look at the e-academy but what with the welding and stuff it might have to wait a while :-)

  3. Olive Morgan

    Good for you! I am a great believer in life-long learning, for Ministers and lay people alike. At 88, I still miss it badly when I am not on some course or other, and am just waiting for the result of tests this week before enrolling at Sarum College again. I just want to be sure I can safely do the double train journey to get there!


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