Good reasons for a big car

While I frequently wonder if we could manage with a smaller car today reminds me why it can be useful.

The whole family have just been helping me load the car with donated food, toiletries and clothes for the Whitechapel Mission. At 4am in the morning I am taking a very full car with 4 volunteers and all this stuff down to London so that we can cook around 150 breakfasts for people who are homeless.

Despite the enormous size of the back of a Citroen C8 we still did not manage to fit everything in. No matter, we are going again in December and January.

As usual finding volunteers for a 4am start is very hard. Hard because so many want to volunteer that I have to turn them away. Again we have a mixture of those who have been before and some who are new. I love it when people discover the huge joys in serving others.

Within the Church so many people have found this a really significant point of change or awakening that it has opened many eyes to the needs that we are so frequently told do not exist (and that most people believe should not exist).

Should be back home for around 1pm.

Note that despite the efforts of the Nene Valley Circuit the Whitechapel Mission always need more stuff and there are always opportunities for volunteers. The page of stuff they need was updated tonight so I was pleased to see that we have loaded some of the things labelled "We are desperate!!" and "We need Help!".

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