Hope in Thrapston

Tonight we had an ecumenical meeting in Thrapston to start on a vision for Hope 2008. It was amazing, more people than we had dared hope for (over 60) and really positive reactions, ideas and commitment. We collected about 40 questionnaires  with ideas and offers of support.

It was great that all four Churches in Thrapston (Baptist, Catholic, CoE and Methodist) were represented in the preparation and leadership of the evening as well as in attendance. We were also blessed by the support of Mark Lees (Rushden Full Gospel Church and Development worker for East Northants Faith Group).

That is three positive things for me in Thrapston in a week.

On Monday we had a great fellowship group meeting. We looked at two passages from Scripture that really resonated with where we are at as a Church (Luke 14:12 & Luke 24:32), these came from Time to Talk of God that we have been looking at for a while now. The section headings were

  • You are going to end up in unexpected company you probably wouldn’t choose.
  • As you journey together and wrestle with scripture, you will glimpse Jesus.

After reflections on the whole verses in context and our own experiences it led to an exciting conversation about the future of the Church that we will look into at the Church Council coming soon.

On Sunday afternoon we have the Thrapston Harvest Festival with the Thrapston Town Band playing for us (well not all of them, there just isn’t space and we quite like our eardrums working).

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