I am like Richard

Well it seems Richard is a progressive: connexions » Hermeneutics Quiz.

Apparently, I’m a Progressive. Which is nice.

What are you?

via the splendid Dave Faulkener, who is apparently, a moderate. As he says, no doubt the quiz is flawed so there’s no need to take it too seriously.

Me I am also a progressive (75), but I so often want to answer "None of the above" that I don’t know how helpful it is.

4 thoughts on “I am like Richard

  1. dh

    I got a 46. While I agree that the test is flawed, I really like answers 2 and 4 where 2 is “in between 1 and 3″ and 4 is “in between 3 and 5″. I think it at least tries to minimize the ambiguity of the answers and makes for a more accurate test. However, the premises of the author with regard to some of the questions when made evident showed a little bias. At the same time, it is an enjoyable test however flawed it may be. :) dh


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