I am now an “Official” GB Chaplain!

A nice busy day today. The public part finished with leading a short service for the 1st Syston Girls Brigade Company who are a lovely part of Syston Methodist Church. The service which included enrolling 6 new members (after Kathryn had properly instituted me as Chaplain – I even have a badge to prove it!) ended with an updated version of "We are marching in the light of God". We had to do the update as the Girls Brigade don't do marching any more, so one of the new verses was "We are giggling in the light of God" :-)

I also had two meetings to plan worship. One in the coffee shop at Birstall Methodist Church for this coming Sunday morning, and we are using Lukes Gospel about Zacchaeus meeting Jesus without singing any songs about little people climbing trees.

After joining the Syston Lunch Club (without needing to join the long waiting list), for Shepherds Piefollowed by Flan with cream and then coffee, I had a meeting with Linda, the Curate at Rothley to finalize the arrangements for the Remembrance Service for Young People and their Uniformed Organisations. Fortunately (and very kindly and efficiently), Linda had already done most of the work while I was on holiday. Anyway I it was good to meet and work together on that service which will be on Nov 14th at the Rothley Centre, the service starts at 10:45am (parade gathers at 10:30am), it finishes at 11:25 to march to Cross Green where we join the British Legion etc from the service at the Parish Church. Isn't it good that the village has two ecumenical services at the same time for remembrance day rather than giving up because none of the buildings are big enough for everyone.

Hopefully now all sorted for the Syston Church Council (preceded by the Family Committee) tomorrow evening with the Age Concern AGM in the morning.

Meanwhile also starting to make progress on the Just Walk Across the Room series that we are doing right across the Leicester North Circuit starting on January 23rd.

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