I should have had decaff :-)

Tonight was our 3rd Cafechurch at the Costa Coffee in Wellingborough, this time with yours truly doing a spot of hosting (and being reminded that it is a good job that I am not trying to make a living as a standup comic). See 42: Coffee and other bits for comments on the previous event.

Anyway tonight we had a theme of Fairtrade, it being Fairtrade fortnight, there was a good turnout with new faces. We had two local "experts", Valerie Susan to share experiences and thoughts with us, plus as usual live music (and yes we did note the irony of the theme when Costa do not sell any Fairtrade tea and the coffee is not yet fairtrade by default).

I did make the mistake of not ordering decaff though so am now awake for blogging which is a pity as my first service of three tomorrow is at 8:30 in Wellingborough. My problem is that I like Costas new Flat White Coffee very much but still feel the need to have back to back comparisons with my previous favourite (Massimo skinny latte with extra shot) :-)

Our next Cafechurch is on Saturday April 3rd, doors open at 7pm for a 7:30pm start. Finishing at 8:30pm with doors closing at 9pm. Again all are invited to Costa Coffee in Wellingborough where the theme is "Is life giving you grief?"

2 thoughts on “I should have had decaff :-)

  1. methodist preacher

    Dave I don’t think people entirely understand why some of us have to drink “decaff”. I think the assumption is that we are being a little prissy.
    For most of my adult life on and off I’ve had a waterworks problem.
    Eventually I went to see a specialist who carried out some intrusive tests and asked some extremely person questions.
    Having found nothing seriously wrong he then posed a seemingly irrelevant question: did I enjoy tea?
    You bet I love a cuppa.
    He then suggested that I drank decaff for a week or two.
    Within a few days the symptoms were gone. I was no longer having a disturbed night as I trotted to use the plumbing. No longer did I have to leave meetings. No longer did I have to cut short services.
    The last 18 months have been wonderful. Best consultation I ever had – and so simple!

  2. Dave

    For several years we have only provided decaff coffee at the Chapel in Raunds (nice filter, fairtrade decaff coffee).
    Never have much of a complaint about wanting caffeine but a lot of people will have a drink because it is decaff.
    We need to start offering decaff tea and probably alternatives (eg I drink a lot of green tea at home).


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