In praise of Methodist Homes

Today was a big day for our family. We moved my Mother-in-law to a new home. 

Months ago when we discussed with her our options regarding stationing (for background see 42: Drowning in excitement) she said she would like to move with us but did not want to have her own home again.

So for a few months we have been looking with her at a wide variety of options. In the end she has chosen to move into a residential home from Methodist Homes (see We have visited three times and taken her twice, on one of her visits she stayed for a residents meeting and for lunch.

We were absolutely delighted when the home she had chosen offered her a place, it is a few months earlier than we initially hoped for but the room they had available was perfect (ground floor with a lovely garden view) so we decided to not to wait.

During the past few months we have visited many residential homes near where we will be moving to and the Methodist Home stood out, not just a little better but massively so. 

When we visited the residents all took notice and chatted to us, the staff were very welcoming to us and we were really impressed by the care they showed to everyone (evident in the way the served lunch, they way they listened in the residents meeting, the way they worked as a team and many others). 

While every residential home has an activities organiser in this Methodist Home there are 3 activities every day (and enough lounges that you don't have to go to your room to avoid them). On our second visit they were setting up Mii's for all the residents on their new Wii :-)

When we arrived today we found that not only had they cleaned the room thoroughly but it also had a new furniture: fancy electric chair – the sort that ejects you or provides a foot rest depending on the button you press, wardrobe, drawers, bedside cabinet. It did mean that we brought quite a but of stuff back home as it was not needed :-)

As we had hoped the staff were not just expecting her but were welcoming and ready. So all the necessary stuff like sorting out her medication was handled quickly, efficiently and with personal attention and care.

I had to leave fairly early in order to get the hire van back (and get to our 3rd Cafechurch at Costa Coffee in Wellingborough) but Jane and her sister were able to stay and get the room fully sorted and be sure that Mum had met people and started the process of settling in. I'll see her next on Tuesday when I take a son over for a 6th form interview.

Anyway in summary: A big thank-you to the MHA for providing a wonderful new home for Fay. If you are looking for residential care for someone you love and have found so many of the options depressing I recommend you have a look at the MHA.

One thought on “In praise of Methodist Homes

  1. Dave

    Visited Fay today. As expected a warm and friendly welcome from the staff. Lots to tell us about (including winning a medal in a quiz that morning).
    Tuesdays and Thursdays already seem particular favourites as they have a cooked breakfast :-)
    Our visit did mean she skived off the exercise session – probably sensible to schedule that the same day as the cooked breakfast!


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