Is David Hallam going to sue the TUC and Labour Party?

Now that the TUC have followed the example of the Methodist Church the question we are all wondering is whether David Hallam is going to sue the TUC and the Labour Party as well as the Methodist Church. See Repositioning Labour Party policies on the Middle East.

If it is true that Ed Miliband was supported overwhelmingly by the trades unions in the leadership election, this may well herald the beginning of a new era for the Labour Party, particularly with regard to its policy on Palestine. Earlier this month the Trades Union Congress (TUC) took a landmark decision to boycott Israeli goods originating from illegal settlements on the occupied West Bank. The TUC is vehemently opposed to the settlements, which are outlawed under international law. The umbrella body's decision followed a wave of similar motions by individual unions, all outraged by Israel's brutal occupation and human rights abuses of the Palestinian people.

I suppose it is not surprising given the historical connections between the Methodist Church and the Labour movement.

Good news to see how the Methodist Church has been ahead of so much of society in responding on this issue. Just wish that we had acted all sooner and more consistently. All should know that we stand for peace, justice for all people and that we will work for that justice and peace even when unpopular. Nobody should even hope that the Methodist Church will support them in violence or hatred.
[update 7/10/10]
David Hallam has responded on his blog with an amusing piece of fiction.
I have left the following comment:
Your creativity in inventing a whole story about me is impressive and amusing. Just a shame that it is so disconnected with reality.
You claim to be suing the Methodist Church for having a very similar policy towards the illegal settlements in the West Bank to 

  • The TUC
  • Christian Aid
  • Oxfam
  • Cafod
and potentially The Labour Party.
Some of these are charities and some are not. You are a member of at least one of them.
My point was nothing about gift aid (something I happen to be very ambivalent about as I see it as a relic of Christendom and do not want the Church to be dependent on the state). It was about why you are picking on the Methodist Church and no other organisation with similar policies.
After all one of your arguments was that the Methodist Church needs to be consistent and act in all cases of injustice or none – I am only holding you to your own standard.
For more on the other charities see Charities ripe for suing | connexions.
[Update #2 7/10/10]
David responded to my comment and continued to ignore the challenges to his position while trying to push me into actions that appear to me to be a complete waste of time. I have responded with 2 comments (sitting in moderation queue at present).
I have no intention of wasting my time or the Churches time with a memorial on tax relief.
I want the Church focused on mission not on tax law.
I do see a focus on Mission all over the Methodist Church (Methodist Council, Synod, District Exec, Circuit Mtg, Circuit CLT, Local Churches, Connexional team). I want to encourage all this not stifle it or distract from it.
In other words I can see many people getting hold of mission in all it's aspects and getting on with it. I see eagerness and I see results (just heard great news from a Church I have moved on from. They  have had a huge Junior Church Anniversary, are going on with growing their fresh expression etc).
As I have said before this is a great time to be a Methodist as God is so clearly at work.
I passionately believe that working for Justice and Peace is a central part of mission. Busy, passionate people have dedicated time to working for the Mission of the Church by writing this report. They cannot have got everything perfect as they are not perfect and are busy people. But the democratic conference received it and passed the resolutions after an open debate.
So I see a Church that is trying to focus on mission and get on with things with eagerness and urgency.
Then I read that you want to sue this Church because you disagree with the democratic decisions of the democratically elected conference.
I do not understand this at all. I know people have different views on Israel. I disagree with your views. But to me all you are doing is trying to stop mission. To distract the Church from mission and you are doing so in ways that appear to me to be fundamentally opposed to Scripture
You are giving good money to the Church, great. But now you want to throw away your money and the Churches money over a decision you don't like but that was democratic and happened after an open debate. You could have read the paper and spoken to your elected representatives before conference and you can now work for a change at the next conference.
Even if I agreed with your position on Israel and Palestine I am at a total loss to understand how you think your actions could be considered to be good for the mission of God. 
How do you think your actions can help your own Church on Mission?
Tell you want. Let is follow the Quaker model (where they do not wish to support war via their taxes). Let us agree how much of your total giving has gone to the connexion and been spent on this issue. 
You reduce your giving by that and I'll increase mine by the same amount providing you a) drop the lawsuit and b) seek to change the policy of the Methodist Church through the mechanisms of the Church

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