Just Walk Across the Room

Today was a great celebration for me.

Today the Leicester North Methodist Circuit started the Just Walk Across the Room course. By that I mean the whole circuit. Every Church in the Circuit is preaching this course for four Sundays and we have 7 "small" (well actually many of them are not very small any more) groups meeting across the Circuit on different days and at different times..

I have never seen a whole Methodist Circuit run with something like this on this scale before. We have people from every Church signed up for the small groups and I have just placed a 4th bulk order for the books. Some of the groups have grown so large that we have been encouraging people to switch to another as they are too big for anyone's home.

The process of choosing this course had started before I joined the Circuit and I was delighted to join the circuit staff and discover this.

Last week we had a training evening for 14 people who are leading the small groups and it was a lovely atmosphere with people getting excited about the material. Meanwhile I was getting even more excited at working with these lovely, enthusiastic, committed and talented people that God has called.

One of the amazing things about this process is how supportive the Circuit has been at every stage. The Circuit Leadership started that going with a commitment to get support not just to run the course but also to commit finances to it. The Circuit Meeting provided their full support. The Local preachers and worship leaders were also enthusiastic. The right people volunteered to be on the small organising group. We have had prayer support from many people. We found places all over the circuit to run the small groups and both leaders and hosts of those groups. Now we have more people signed up for the small groups than we dared to expect and I keep running out of books.

God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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