Launching Hope 10 in Thrapston

This afternoon marked the launch of the 3rd year of Hope in Thrapston. What started with Hope 08 and continued with Hope 09 will carry on, indeed grow in 2010.

So Christians from all the Churches in Thrapston gathered for worship this afternoon at St James. This time we had decided on a cafe style of worship, one that was hindered at least for me by far too many nice cakes :-)

As with all our Hope events all the Churches and all the clergy in the town were involved. We were welcomed by Charles, Vicar of Thrapston (whose congregation were enthused by his service on Hope this morning). Our worship was lead by James from Thrapston Baptist Church.

Arthur, the outgoing Baptist minister had prepared a video of photos of recent projects which we watched before prayers of praise and thanks for some of the projects during the last 9 months or so. We had people from each project lead the prayers but kept this down to only 11 projects for time purposes. It is amazing that God has been so busy in Thrapston that we all find it difficult to keep track. The projects/events mentioned were:

  • Senior Alpha course for Manor Court Flats
  • Lent Course
  • Good Friday March
  • Prayer Week
  • Charter Fair
  • Praise in the Park
  • Holiday Club
  • Holiday at Home
  • Light Party
  • Punching Holes in the Dark
  • Operation Christmas Child

After some more singing we then introduced and prayed for projects and events that are coming up in the next few months. Again these were led by a variety of people including Father Brian and Arthur. They included:

  • Cross Connect Youth Club
  • Carol Service 3pm 29th Nov with Thrapston Town Band at the Methodist Church, Market Road
  • Turning on the Christmas Lights with nativity (5th Dec)
  • Holiday at Home Christmas Party (17th Dec)
  • Carol Singing 20th & 21st Dec
  • Joint Service 10:30am 27th Dec at the Methodist Church, Market Road
  • Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day party with pancake races etc: Thrapston Baptist Church at 7:30pm
  • Lent Course : Wednesday Nights 7:30pm on Big Issues facing humanity
  • Prayer Week during Holy Week
  • Good Friday March

Lots more being planned for later in the year

We then closed by singing together before Charles led a commissioning of the coming events and sent us back out into the community.

The numbers were great and so was the response, we have seen growth in the numbers of people supporting Hope over the years and again there were new faces which is great news.

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