Loving the response by Local Preachers and Worship Leaders

On Tuesday evening a packed meeting of Local Preachers and Worship Leaders from the Leicester North Circuit spent time considering the material for the Just Walk Across the Room course that we are doing throughout the Circuit for 4 weeks starting 23rd January 2011.

I was delighted to overhear someone in one of the small groups at the meeting saying that they could easily work with the material we had provided and getting enthusiastic about it. Others were also positive (at least one Worship Leader has asked to be involved in extra services during the course).

Then today I got another response from one of our local preachers. The first draft of a hymn they have written to fit the course. How cool is that. I love it!!

Beyond the local preachers and worship leaders we have also had a great response when we have been arranging the mid-week small groups. We have places and leaders sorted out for 7 mid week small groups already and done so easily with plenty of volunteers. That gives us good coverage geographically as well as a variety of times of day and days of the week. How cool is that :-)

The latest prayer update is on the Circuit website, I love the commitment to prayer and to supporting mission :-)

Oh and the rest of the agenda was also good, including good news on the progress of both Local Preacher and Worship Leader training :-) :-)

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