Lucy is an accredited Local Preacher!

Just back from a great afternoon service, where we admitted Lucy as a Local Preacher at Raunds Methodist Chapel. We had 70 people for the service and for the tea afterwards. It was great to gave such a big turnout for this service with Rev Inderjit Bhogal preaching and presiding at Holy Communion (he even got a round of applause for his sermon).

Lucy is the first member of one of my congregations to start and complete Local Preacher training during my time as minister. So it was fandabbydozy to lead the worship and assist serving Holy Communion.

In her testimony Lucy said that Inderjit had first challenged her about a call to preach many years ago. She also remembered me sneaking into a service at Raunds in August before I "officially" arrived. She was the Worship Leader in that service and I remember the Divine Chocolate she gave everyone as part of her children's address also that it was not long after that I challenged her as to whether she was being called to be a Local Preacher.

In fact I have just found that email. It was dated 12th September 2005, so it was obvious right at the start of my ministry here that Lucy was being called to preach (wow, looking back that was fast. I had my welcome and then on the Monday after the 2nd Sundays I sent that email). Today was a big step in that journey and the experience we have in the Nene Valley Circuit and beyond is that God knows what he is doing in calling Lucy to this ministry.

It was good and right and proper that this service of celebration was with friends from all around the Circuit as so many have benefited from Lucy's preaching as well as her work with young people and music groups over many years.

A great reminder today that God is good!

3 thoughts on “Lucy is an accredited Local Preacher!

  1. Rachel

    Fantastic. It’s a great blessing at a time of moving on to be able to see something of a reaping of the harvest…. even though you only played a part in the story. Prayers for Lucy. And pleased to see you hosted one of my favourite preachers!


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