UK Methodist Bloggers Meeting Status Update


42: UK Methodist Bloggers Meeting introduced the idea (and the comments explored it a lot).

42: First pass Dates for UK Methodist Bloggers Mtg started to collect feedback on dates.

42: Location for Methodist Bloggers Meeting explored some location options, shame that the post titles are so cryptic <grin>

Conclusions so far:

Date: January 2008 either 4th & 5th OR 11th & 12th

Nobody has ruled these out, more prefer the earlier date at present. However the second dates are probably better for people with kids at school (unless the blogger is a teacher I guess).

Mark both in your diaries for now and we will firm up ASAP so keep responding in comments to let us know how these suit you.

Location: My recommendation is the Community for Reconciliation, Barnes Close

A trinity of reasons:

  1. Location: They are in a very simple location for people driving approx 2 miles from M5 junction 4. The instructions for trains and buses also look simple.
  2. Price and facilities are both good for us. Current price is £54 per person and WiFi is available.
  3. They are very responsive. Somewhere that can reply to an email enquiry sent at 21:16 on a Saturday by 23:26 the same day is encouraging. Oh and they are available those 2 dates.


There are a number of items that have been mentioned. We will need to pull this together so we all know what we are signing up for. In my opinion it is quite important to get the structure and balance right. That means a good mix between worship, social, theological, technical, strategic, blogging and free time (not forgetting eating!).

Start and finish timing.

We have so far agreed to have Friday and Saturday. With longish travelling for some, should we make our programme start at noon on Friday and end with lunch on Saturday? An alternative would be a fuller 2 days. For example we could start at 10am Friday and finish at 4pm Saturday. That might mean some need an extra nights stay and it may be a concern for anyone leading worship on the Sunday morning (more particularly a concern for their congregations).

Reactions please.


Whatever other decisions we make about timing and sessions I believe we should wrap them properly in prayer and worship. So I suggest that we plan around morning, noon and evening prayer and that we end with a communion service. We can pair up to plan the acts of worship so that we get variety and not too much work for any person. We can always add more worship as the spirit leads anyway. If anyone would like to volunteer musical talent that would be great to know about.

When we get a bit more firmed up then we can start on the session details, who leads what etc.


I think I want to see about 10 pretty definite "count me in" statements before I actually book the conference centre. So sign up via comment, blog about it and start emailing all the methodists who blog but have not yet responded. Point them to here.

Over to you all.

16 thoughts on “UK Methodist Bloggers Meeting Status Update

  1. PamBG

    I’m definitely interested if the programme is going to be a balanced one. If it’s going to be mainly a conference on ‘Methodist blogging strategies’, then I’m not particularly interested in staying over night; maybe I could come and meet you all for a meal in the latter case. I’ll block out the first two dates for now.

  2. Dave Warnock

    MP, My intention would be flexible to allow people to arrive later on Friday or just come for the day on Saturday. With so many bloggers being preachers it is impossible to find 2 days when nobody will be working.

  3. Richard Hall

    If continual treacle pudding and custard is an option, then sign me up!
    But what I meant — and I apologise from the heart of my bottom for my lack of clarity — was that I’d prefer a 24hr session to which all participants could be committed over a 2 day event from which some might be excluded. Small beginnings — we can have 10 days in a Caribbean conference centre *next* year!

  4. John Cooper

    The second date would be preferrable for me.
    I can sign up for the whole thing. Will happily contribute to the music (play violin) or with somethiing else and what not.
    Anyway let me know
    Warm Regards

  5. Dave Warnock

    OK what is best?
    1. Fri Noon til Sat Noon: easiest for people travelling a long way, start and finish with lunch
    2. Fri 3pm til Sat 3pm: May allow some to only take a 1/2 day off on Fri. Odd start time.
    3. Fri 6pm til Sat 6pm: Some won’t need Friday off work. Those travelling a long way will get home very late. Can start and finish with tea.
    State preferences please.

  6. Dave Warnock

    Yes you qualify. The conference should appeal to everyone from seasoned pros through to those who have not started blogging. So I hope we can include some “getting started” practical one on one’s as well as “how to get over blogging dry spells” etc.
    “I can offer violin/guitar/bass guitar (not all at the same time;-)” Well that is a bit limiting of you :-) Seriously that looks great.
    So far I have several “can do either date”, 1 preference for the first, 1 preference for the 2nd and your “can only do the first”. Still several to hear from.

  7. Olive Morgan

    I have a slight preference for 11th-12th January but have booked both dates for now. Similarly, I have a slight preference for Fri. noon to Sat. noon but can do any. I will grit my teeth to cope with the dreaded Birmingham New Street in order to enjoy meeting with you all!

  8. Olive Morgan

    Since our President and Vice-President are currently blogging (though they are not getting the comments that they hoped for),I wondered if you had sent a specific invitation to the Vice-President, Ruby Beech, who has no VP comitments for either of those dates.

  9. John Cooper

    If we are to invite the Pres and Vice Pres what are we inviting them as,
    if they have nothing on could we invite them as ‘Blogging Methodists’ so it is a piece of fun or do we need to book them and so think of ways to use them?
    Sorry to talk as though they are putty in our hands, more looking at how to ensure they can attend!

  10. Olive Morgan

    I looked at their schedule and thought that the President will not be anywhere near the suggested meeting place and was therefore not likely to be physicaly able to come – but, from what I know of him, he would appreciate an invitation so that he can send a message and pray for us.
    The Vice-President has no official engagements listed on the prayer card on those dates but we must remember that she continues her work as Assistant Serjeant-at-Arms in the House of Commons and I have no idea what that would entail on those dates. But without an invitation, the same applies to her as to the President and she cannot send greetings and support us with her prayers. It would be good to invite them as Methodist Bloggers, don’t you think?


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