Methodist Council

So here I am at the April Methodist Council. This is the longest meeting of the year (Saturday lunchtime through to Monday lunchtime) and this time is at the Royal Holloway (University of London).

Nice facilities although I have now had to walk right across site 9 times today, following a walk from the station and the miles it takes to transfer from train to tube at St Pancras I am exhausted.

It was a bit of a rush this morning and sadly the reason for the rush (induction session for those of us still in our first year of Council) was poorly attended.

As has been hinted at (actually we were not that subtle) in tweets, facebook statuses and blog posts the agenda is huge, very daunting. Fortunately, there are many capable people here with a vast range of gifts, skills and graces so that there are always people who are prepared and helpful on every issue.

I was late back to my room tonight because of a fantastically passionate group discussion and brain storm in the bar on a several of the reports. Great to sit in a bar and discuss big issues seriously, demanding high standards of theology and discipleship from each other. Great that there are people here who will stretch your understanding and challenge your sloppy thinking and do so with grace and love.

Big day tomorrow. Agenda starts at 9:15am and continues until 9pm (although tonight we went on until 9:30pm).

Good night

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