Methodists at Mission21

As a Methodist it has been incredibly exciting to see how many Methodists are at Mission21. The whole team of District Evangelism Enablers are here plus many others lay and ordained.

Beyond the individuals here it is great to see how much the Methodist Church as a denomination has invested in it for example

  • Graham Horsley on the organising team,
  • Money from the Epworth Fund tp make it happen
  • Martyn Atkins as keynote speaker
  • Jenny Ellis as joint leader of the 24×7 Discipleship Stream
  • Ian Bell from the Venture FX Team is here

It has also been great to meet other Methodists, some old friends and some new. Last night a few of us were sharing stories in the pub which included some amazingly encouraging stories of God at work in Methodism.

One thing I have noticed with a little sadness is that many of the District Enablers seem to be ministers who have not wanted a second Circuit appointment. Maybe we need to see penalty points assigned to circuits whose ministers do not seek another circuit appointment when they come to leave. If a circuit has a history of ministers leaving and not wanting other appointments then maybe the circuits should be put into some kind of "special measures".

2 thoughts on “Methodists at Mission21

  1. Tony Buglass

    Like you, I’m glad that so many Methodists are engaged in this kind of ministry. However, it may be worth saying that not being willing to seek a circuit appointment may say as much about the minister as about the circuit. Square pegs, round holes, discernment of gifts? Yes, there are circuits which are problems, and perhaps should be in ‘special measures’ (intriguing idea – how would that work?); but not all circuits are alike, and refusing to seek a circuit after only experiencing one circuit appointment may be recognition of an aptitude for a different style of ministry, or may be a premature decision.

  2. Dave

    I don’t disagree with you at all.
    Notice I did say circuits with a history, rather than an isolated instance.
    There are plenty of rumours of instances where a person or a place demonstrate repeated undesirable patterns of behaviour.
    Maybe people are already doing lots about this and I am just not aware of it – just would be comforting for those in stationing to know that things have been noticed and action is being taken.


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