New work email address

I have a new work email address. One that will hopefully last the rest of my working life.

david . warnock @ methodist . org . uk  (remove all the spaces)

I am jumping the gun a little in announcing this as the service does not officially become available until October 1st.

All Methodist Ministers (Deacons and Presbyters) in active work are going to be offered this. It will be interesting to see how quick the uptake is.

We get a secure web mail system or the ability to have this forwarded to another address or the option to use POP3 to read.

I am sure there may be teething problems in rolling this out. But feel free to say hi this way.

It is always easy to think of more things we might like (yes I can think of a long shopping list) and it is easy to say we should have had this years ago but instead I would just like to pause and say thanks to the team who have made this possible.

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