New preacher on the blog

All the observant ones among you, surely there must be one :-), will have noticed a new UK Methodist blog in my blogroll namely

David (no not all Methodists are called David, at least I don’t think we are) started for Lent is is conducting a vigorous campaign against what he believes to be the current weak position on gambling taken by the Methodist Church. In The impact of gambling in my childhood community you can see why.

I fail to see any reason why the Methodist Church should offer any support whatsoever to anything that supports gambling. For that reason I was pleased when one of the Churches in my section, Raunds Methodist Church, decided to make a stand by choosing to rule out any application for funding from the National Lottery (none of the others in the section have ever applied either to the best of my knowledge).

One thought on “New preacher on the blog

  1. David Hallam

    Hi, Many thanks for the mention on your blog – I found out because several of your readers have kindly logged into the site.I’m hoping the blog jogs the Methodist Church out of its apathy on the gambling issue (among other things). Anything you can do to move things would be appreciated. Meanwhile I’ve added you to the Methodists Brits on the Blog list on my site.


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