Prayer at work

When Christians gather to pray things happen. They are changed and the communities around are changed. This can get negative responses (which probably show we are doing the right thing).

Today this was clear and obvious in Raunds. Within two hours of our latest 24×7 prayer room opening some young vandals (yes we saw them) kicked and smashed our brand new sign advertising the prayer week.

So tonight in the prayer room we are praying for the kids in Raunds who are so frightened of prayer that they want to try to stop it. May the Spirit of the living God break into their lives so that they might learn of the love of the God who created them and who calls them by name.

I will be putting up a temporary poster tonight inviting the vandals to contact me to hear that they are forgiven and point out that they are welcome to come in and discover a welcome and love.

Oh and I'll be ordering replacement parts for the sign.

3 thoughts on “Prayer at work

  1. Methodist Preacher

    An interesting comment David. We find at our church that whenever there is a move of the Spirit certain things happen – for example services are disrupted by the arrival of one or two “old friends”, there is petty vandalism (a couple of weeks ago our Godly Play poster in Arabic was spat at by a group of girls who we believe may understand Arabic, some sort of internal problem arises. There is no doubt that prayer is responded to by God but opposed by Satan.
    Keep praying for those lads – imagine their testimony in a few years time!

  2. Jarel Robinson-Brown

    As a young preacher, this is obviously sad to read. I hear alot about young peoples fears about Church in general, It’s very moving to read that you publicly offered to speak to them and help share the love of God with them. Good on you, thats true ministry!

  3. Dave

    Thanks for the support MP and Jarel.
    We did not get any direct response from the poster (no phone calls) but it did catch people’s attention, I saw quite a few reading it.
    Anyway prayer continues.


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