Probationers Retreat

As briefly mentioned on I had three days away for the annual Probationers Retreat, staying at the Lindors Christian Guild Hotel.

Lovely place to stay, but far more importantly it was a good time to relax, meet old and new friends and wait on God.

Some of the highlights included a powerful Bible Study using role play, some great worship, and a session on healing.

The whole thing was not just refreshing but really encouraging. There were over 30 probationers from five districts (Bristol, Cornwall, Oxford & Leicester, Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury and  Southampton). I made many new friends and they, along with the various staff, provided a huge encouragement.

As I have said time and time again. The Methodist Church is on a roll, while I do not believe that this depends on the Ministers I do believe it is a good sign that God is calling women and men like these to the Methodist Church in Great Britain. I look forward to continuing to work with them all for many years to come.

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