Raunds Methodists squeeze loads in

Today was a crazy day for lots of reasons (see 42: Exhausted but can’t stop and  42: I do still exist – I think).

But the first service of the day was a definite highlight for me.

I was at Raunds Methodist (my local if you like) with Les as the Worship Leader. The service included Mark’s baptism, Carol’s confirmation & reception into membership and Paula’s reception into membership. Oh and communion.

We wanted a nice big space in the centre for the baptism which meant we only just fitted enough chairs in, a problem I do love to have.

I got quite a few people on the edge of their seats, worried I was going to burn down the building, when I was demonstrating that 3 foot high flames from a gas stove were a much better symbol for how the Spirit can be at work in us than little tea lights.

Mind you I think my reputation at Raunds for longer services is getting worse. Just before we started, at 10:30am Clarice, our pianist whispered to me that she needed to leave my 12. I pointed out that I needed to be in Thrapston by then (see 42: Thrapston Praise in the Park), however, Clarice was on time but I was not.

Powerful worship with a full Church is a wonderful thing to be part of.

3 thoughts on “Raunds Methodists squeeze loads in

  1. Dave Warnock

    I figure that congregation getting singed hair from the real Holy Spirit is a good thing. Getting it from the minister doing a demonstration with a gas stove is not. So no singed hair, well Pam thought it came close to me but I think that was just the angle she was looking from :-)

  2. 42

    Talented Methodists in Raunds Methodists

    Last week in 42: Raunds Methodists squeeze loads in I mentionedPaula’s reception into membershipand as it happens we were then chatting at WOT (Worship On Thursday), yes and playing on the internet bit, when Paula mentioned as website she had


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