Resurrection, Brownies and Methodism


I am very sympathetic to Adrian Warnock wanting to stress the Resurrection, especially over this Easter period as per his post Ten day empty grave challenge.

It is interesting though to see concerns that Christians do not emphasise the resurrection enough as in my tradition there is often a concern that we focus too much on the resurrection and skip too quickly over the crucifixion and darkness of Easter Saturday.


Anyway, last night I was with the Brownies at Raunds Methodist Church taking their evening which was focused on their "Discovering Faith badge". We did a whole bunch of stuff (games, prayer writing …) but specifically looked through Mark chapters 14, 15 and 16.

In small groups (their sixes) they looked through all the sections of those chapters and chose the ones that they felt were most important. They narrowed it down initially to 8 and then we had a discussion and vote on which were the most important. The results were clear.

The Brownies in Raunds believe that the two most important parts of the Easter story are:

  • The Crucifixion
  • The Resurrection

They were able to clearly say what had happened and why they thought these were the most important. The next most important part of the story for them was the Last Supper.

So Adrian, good news. The Brownies are well ahead of the pack. Through their "Discovering Faith" badge work they already know what the Crucifixion and Resurrection are about and why they are so important.

I had a great evening with a wonderful bunch of people that make up the Brownies at Raunds Methodist Church, another of those times when you remember that you have the best job in the world.

Mary Magdelene

Somewhat a change of pace immediately after as I went to a practice for Mary Magdelene by Roger Jones at Wollaston Methodist Church (note it is safe, honest, I am not singing – just there to help with the projection stuff). 

So all invited to the performance of Mary Magdelene on Monday 29th March at Wollaston Methodist Church starts 7:30pm (and of course this includes resurrection!).

Easter Saturday

We are doing something new and extra this year. Our regular Cafechurch at Costa in Wellingborough is happening on Easter Saturday (April 3rd). Doors open at 7pm, programme starts at 7:30pm and ends at 8:30pm.

The theme this month is "Is life giving you grief?" which fits well with the feelings of Easter Saturday. We hope it will be helpful for anyone who is not feeling like a happy celebration on Easter Day. However, it should be interesting for everyone, we have a guest "expert witness" from the NHS Wellbeing team being interviewed which I am looking forward to (thanks to Sue and Lucy). 

So this is one event where the resurrection is not going to be front and centre, however, I feel that is entirely right and proper for Easter Saturday.

Good Friday

Another time when we will not be specifically talking about the resurrection is on the Good Friday march of witness. A bit of a problem for me this one as it is hard to be in 4 places at one (Thrapston, Raunds, Irthlingborough and Wollaston) all have marches which clash. So this year I'll be in Raunds (we just finalised the programme this morning). The Raunds march starts at 10am at St Peter's and finishes at the Saxon Hall. Strong volunteers are very welcome as the cross we carry seems to get heavier every year!

7 thoughts on “Resurrection, Brownies and Methodism

  1. Adrian Warnock

    Dave, despite all our disagreements about many subjects, I rejoice that we can agree about the resurrection! I do hope you get time to read my book someday as I hope this rare truce in the “Warnock wars” would also persist then. Remember the story of how one Christmas day in World War I British and German soldiers stopped the fighting and played football together in no mans land? I can’t play football, but do you fancy a game of chess online?

  2. Dave

    Online chess, I guess so. Have not played much in a long long time.
    They can say all they want, does not change facts :-)

  3. Sally

    Excellent post Dave. I held a special service on Easter Saturday that folk found very moving. I don’t think we talk enough about grief, or allow people to explore their responses.
    Like Adrian I like to stress the ressurection and I believe we need to live as ressurection people, but Easter and Holy Week offer us more than triumphalism and we need all of it!


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