Snow and Homelessness

My sincere apologies. I am afraid we have done it again. You may remember from December that Methodists from Raunds caused the snow (42: Improving the chances of snow).

This morning we went to the Whitechapel Mission again and so it snowed again. I got quite a surprise when I went out to the car at 4am, in fact we had snow on and off all the way to London and even at Whitechapel itself.

I guess we should not be surprised but of course it had a big impact on the number of people who are homeless and wanted a hot breakfast. We had a queue at the hatch from before we started serving food at 8am right through to 10am.

I was chief egg fryer and cooked 120 beautiful eggs. Also while serving we had to cook extra hash browns, extra sausages and extra porridge. Still we judged it very well, if I say so myself, with almost exactly nothing left at the end.

I don't think I have ever seen the canteen so full, there were loads of people having to stand. Very hectic.

We have a big problem in this country and still politicians seem to not care and be doing nothing to improve the situation. The contrast between so many people that have been so marginalised and left in such need and on the other hand the hive of activity and building work around the Olympic park that we drive past on the way home is heartbreaking.

With an election this summer who will try to win my vote with a commitment to properly respond to homelessness.

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