Starfish and the Methodist Church

My friend Dave Faulkner wrote a series on the book "The Starfish and the Spider" by Ori Brafman and Rod A Beckstrom, the sub-title is "The unstoppable power of leaderless organisations".

I have just read a copy and it seems to me that this book (and "Tribes" by Seth Godin) have the potential (after appropriate theological reflection and discussion) to have a significant impact on my understanding of the future of the Church.

That reflection seems in my mind to connect to the upcoming Methodist Conference. Anyway I start my reflections with Dave F's excellent series.

3 thoughts on “Starfish and the Methodist Church

  1. Dave Faulkner

    Thanks for the HT, Dave. As you know, I read the book during my sabbatical. I’m going to be mentioning it this Sunday in a presentation to one of my churches about the sabbatical. Should be interesting!
    I couldn’t get ‘Tribes’ from the library, but those who read ‘Starfish’ and ‘Here Comes Everybody’ (which I also recommend to you) speak so well of that, too. What did you think of it?

  2. Dave

    I have now read all 3 books and they are all excellent.
    Quite a lot of crossover but if this area interests you I recommend them all.
    “Tribes” is the most challenging and helpful individually.
    “The Starfish and the Spider” is most focused on organisation structures
    “Here comes everybody” most focused on adhoc/informal groups


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