Steelroots is good to see

Great to see Methodist Churches involved in projects like Steelroots.


Sad to see that they have been threatened by a big US "Christian" broadcaster over the name Steelroots and that therefore they are probably going to have to change it.


What a total waste of money and gooodwill this is. I guess like many people in the UK I had never heard of this Steelroots video channel. Now the first thing I hear is them threatening legal action against a small local youth project in a city famed for it's steel.


So now all I know of the Steelroots TV station is that I don't want to watch it, great publicity guys!


So sad because I bet that if they had written to what is probably a fairly cash strapped youth project and offered to sponsor them and help them re-launch with a new name they could have got excellent publicity and not had to pay any lawyers. It could have been a win win.


I have sent the following tweet (which you might want to re-tweet):


@Steelroots Ur legal threat 2 small UK youth project is sad. Could u not find a grace filled response like pay 4 their rebranding?


Alternatively, you could show support and encouragement by following @steelrootsyouth, they are looking for a new name and I guess offers of help with branding would be welcome (and I am fairly sure support for their ongoing work would be very welcome indeed).


Your choice. A bullying US TV company or a British Youth Project like this: "Steel Roots Youth Community:  Aiming to be a more radical community that encourages each other and every young person in S17 to walk together with God". Not a very difficult choice is it?

3 thoughts on “Steelroots is good to see

  1. John Cooper

    Sorry Dave, have to gracefully disagree – I would have to say they should resist rather than acceed.
    Asking the firm to gracefully pay for rebranding means they have won.

  2. Peter Banks

    I would say let them win – even though their actions are despicable, that’s even more graceful. It’s not even worth the cost of a new Domain Name to fight… steelroots sounds like a folk band anyway!


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