Survival Part 1

Last night I wrote on Twitter:

If I survive this weekend it will be a miracle. At the moment I don't feel like I expect a miracle.

Well the good news is that I have made it half way.

Today started with a trip to Northampton (drop son off for visit to Leeds University with a friend), leaving home at 6am (ugh). Soon as I got back jane took five 15year olds to the far side of Northampton for their broze Duke of Edinburgh Award's expedition.

Then the plans went awry as I spent a couple of hours with a Church family after a death.

Just made it to Thrapston for my last hour in the prayer room before getting ready for the Charter Fair. Spent the afternoon on the Churches Together Staff in the High Street with goody bags, free quiz, pointing people to all the free games in the Churchyard (not to mention a dry Church which was particularly attractive for a while for obvious reasons) plus advertising the Praise in the park tomorrow. Despite the rain we had even more people in the Churchyard and Church and all our goody bags were gone by about 1/2 way through the afternoon, just had enough quizes and Praise in the Park flyers. Then joined lots of others to close the prayer room which has been really popular (very easy to fill the rota and lots of people popping in).

This evening been sorting out some PA issues (Raunds have lent their PA for Praise in the Park so I have to setup a portable system in Raunds before going to my service in Wellingborough).

Now just got to get through tomorrow.

  • PA setup at Raunds
  • Attend Contact Service at Great Park Street, Wellingborough (all age contemporary, growing service) at 9:30am
  • Lead 10:45am service at Great Park Street (more traditional)
  • Get straight over to Praise in the Park at Thrapston for picnic and worship 12 til 3 (yes I will miss the first bit).
  • Deliver son and friend to Northampton for Concert by 4pm (complicated as I can only have small car as Jane is collecting the DoE expedition and we need to take contra bass clarinet which won't fit in the small car. Jane is going to drop that off in Northampton on her way home)
  • Lead evening worship at Hope, Rushden 6pm
  • Collect son and friend from Northampton with contra bass clarinet which will need to be returned to Northampton on Monday.

Pity I then have an assembly at 9:10am on Monday as a lie in would have been good.

Anyway looking forward to Praise in the Park. Big step up this year as we have 3 bands taking it in turns on stage (we use an articulated lorry trailer) – soon be competition for Glastonbury!

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