The archbishops, evangelism and the status of women.

The archbishops, evangelism and the status of women. – Maggi Dawn concludes with:

It seems outrageous to me that we continue to believe that it’s OK to delay indefinitely the active acceptance of women at all levels in the Church. Its patently obvious that the world at large thinks so too, and this unacceptable injustice towards women is far more of a blight on evangelism than shyness.


I confess there is much of the Church of England I do not understand and much I don't like – as well as lots of good things of course! :-) . However, there are many Anglicans that I love and it pains me to see the Church of England, a covenant partner with the Methodist Church, continue to self destruct over the injustices it continues to enforce on gender and sexuality issues.

Of course of more immediate pain to me as a Methodist Minister is that the Methodist Church is by no means perfect on these issues and itself has a long way to go with a great need of grace, mercy and forgiveness by all people within the Church.

Lord forgive us. Lord transform us. Lord fill us with grace. Lord heal us.

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