What do I do all day?

What do I do all day? Is a more relevant question tonight than at most times. Tomorrow I face 3 groups of year 2′s who will be wanting to know what a minister does.

When you take a day like today it seems an odd mixture:

  • Hospital visit. 1.5 hours driving, 45 minute visit.
  • On way back dropped off 12 boxes to Harvest for the Hungry collection at Kettering. Jane had very kindly left me the small (economical) car today for the trip over to a Leciester Hospital, but we had forgotten that 12 boxes of produce are quite heavy. Small car just coped.
  • Took mother-in-law to Wesley Guild (good speaker from Spurgeons today). Once dropped her off and parked I realised that I was next to Richard and Clarice who had just discovered a flat tyre, so changed the wheel.
  • Then nipped to Serve for hearing aid batteries (no not for me – yet).
  • Onward to NatWest to bank gifts from Sunday lunch.
  • Off to Thrapston to bank fundraising for the redevelopment fund (nearest HSBC bank)
  • Back in time to chat to people at the end of Guild. Nice to see Bob, our newest member, just moved from Wollaston at 93 and already joining with everything – clearly he knows me well already as he commented that I had arrived rather late.
  • Gave 3 people lifts home and took Sylvia for her flu jab.

No evening meeting tonight so I was taking up my Mother-in-laws carpets to discover that significant areas of concrete came up with the carpet, started preparation to level floors ready for new carpets. Nipped home for tea in the middle and then Jane came to help me (at least we see each other then).

  • Finally catch up with email and start/continue/finish preparation for tomorrow morning.
  • Some work on Raunds website (good to see several members getting activge on it).

Notice the significant flaw?

I still don’t properly count/consider my prayer, thinking and reflection times as work. Oop’s.

One thought on “What do I do all day?

  1. Jen Smith

    Well, that sounds a fairly productive day to me. I think I remember praying during the mid-week communion service on that Wednesday. And in the preparation of liturgy for Sunday.
    Saying evening prayer from the Methodist worship book with the group training to lead worship each Weds night these weeks has been an unexpected blessing. The opening prayers and content of the course hopefully equip them to lead all different sorts of worship, but we finish with a grounding in the tradition – words that have been worn smooth by centuries of use. And I am comforted that they still describe the kind of day and concerns that I have! Now let your servant depart in peace…


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