Worms turning or renewing of Connexionalism?

I have read Angie's post The Kneeler: The turning of the worm? which begins:
Good morning God,
Tell me, did you ever intend gender to be such a problem?
I will probably comment on the 14 proposals in more detail – when I am more awake would probably be a good idea :-)
I wonder:
Can there be renewal without justice?
Can there be renewal without reform and transformation?
Can there be renewal without compassion, grace, forgiveness?
Can there be renewal without renewal of spirituality?

In human terms I hope we would all answer no. We cannot and should not expect the Spirit to bring renewal unless we are seeking God's ways, unless we are choosing the Christ way.

Of course the Spirit blows where God wills, not where we choose. So at times and for a while the Spirit may bring renewal without us getting things "right". Fortunately God does not wait for us to get things right (or we would be in for a long long wait). However, God does call us to change and be changed.
Anyway my point is (I think). Angie's list is in many ways a response to injustice. However, by standing for justice I think we see keys to renewal.
More later.

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