WOT more?

WOT (Worship On Thursdays) is now into it’s second term at Raunds Methodist Church.

During that time it has grown from very humble beginnings. Today we had 13 kids and when we all sat down to eat there were 26 of us!

The age range of the kids has also increased. So today we needed creche style toys for some and then Bible discussion time for the older ones when the rest were being creative. That makes it all much more fun as well as complicated.

Last week we started the new year at the very beginning of the Bible with a look at creation, that including making a huge mobile with the 7 days of creation hanging from it. Today we were looking at John the Baptist, we even got in some real Locusts and had "Locusts in the Desert" to eat (which looked and tasted just like Toad in the Hole).

Yesterday we had a rather belated planning session and have sorted out the themes for the rest of this term (mostly based on people in the Bible with tie-ins to the lent themes from Roots).

We are in the process of applying for a grant to buy equipment as we have so little at the moment. Some soft play blocks would be good as would a set of CEV Bibles, plus more dvd’s and cd’s. Another idea we have is to create a huge wall display where we can link each week into a timeline, the place in the Bible and a location map. The idea is to try to show how the different stories we use connect with each other and with the story of faith.

2 thoughts on “WOT more?

  1. sally

    what an encouraging account Dave- how exciting to have the challenges of a big age range- are the meal-time numbers swelled by parents joining you?

  2. Dave Warnock

    I think 3 arrived just for the food. One of our older sons (after a basketball match), the husband of one of the team came after work and one parent arrived for the food. Everyone else was there the whole time.


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