SunRays are working!

Followup to 42: SunRay Server installation we have lift off.

I have installed ubuntu on my SunFire V20Z (and although not a graphical installer it is very easy).

With a bit of tweaking thanks to Using SunRay Server Software on Debian GNU/Linux and the SunRay users mailing list (Particularly Otto) it is now all working and I am using a 1G to type this post while Jane is learning how to setup a SunRay for herself (got to get the Sugar Quill out of my sight!). This should be a good test.

5 thoughts on “SunRays are working!

  1. DaveW

    Well it only took a couple of minutes to get going but she got reading the ubuntu home page (supplied as a file, does not seem to be on their website) instead of the Sugar Quill – what a triumph!


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